Tiger has come up with a phenomenal line of high-quality rice cookers. The one function that makes Tiger unique is the Tacook functionality. It makes cooking versatile meals a quick and effortless endeavor. 

This article talks about the versatile ways of using a Tiger rice cooker. You can steam delicious veggies and meat in a combo rice cooker. That’s where you can cook delicious recipes in the steaming stray while your rice cooks below. 

Tiger makes all this easy and quick to do. It takes away all the guesswork out of cooking rice. So you can make the perfect pot of rice every time and for any meal!

How to Use Tiger Rice Cooker - Ultimate Guide Tiger Cooker Instructions
How to Use Tiger Rice Cooker - Ultimate Guide Tiger Cooker Instructions

How to Make Rice?

Tiger’s impressive line of rice cookers with Tacook functionality make meal-time a breeze. You can easily steam delicious dishes in the upper tray. This is while your rice cooks perfectly below. It makes dinner as easy as simply adding the rice to the pot with water.

For the steaming function...

Slice one small vegetable of your choice and add it to the upper cooking plate. You can add more than one vegetable if you’d like. Such as bell peppers, zucchini, carrots. Not only that, but the impressive Tacook functionality also allows you to add meat such as boneless chicken, fish. 

Season the vegetables/meat with salt and pepper. Add any sauce or cheese if you like to make things differently. And set the upper cooking plate aside.

For cooking rice…

Now’s the time to cook the rice. Take Tiger’s measuring cup and add 1-2 cups of plain rice. You don’t need to wash the rice separately. You can add the measured rice directly into the cup. The removable cooking pot can be placed directly under the tap to rinse. 

Using your hands, wash the rice in the cooking pot. The most preferable way to rinse rice is by using cold water. Rinse the rice, drain it immediately, and do this a few times. Until the rice water is completely transparent so it’s rid of the starchy water.

After the last drain of the rice water, fill the measuring cup with water. The inner pot has perfect and accurate water markings. Add the appropriate amount of water to the rice. For plain rice, brown rice, and sweet rice, there are different markings.

Wipe the exterior side of the pot dry and place it back in the rice cooker. Now take the upper cooking plate and place it on top.

If you buy a Tiger’s steamer combo, this cooking plate comes with easy handles for better accessibility. So that should help you place the steamer plate easily on top of the main cooking pot.

For the right cooking function…

After you close the lid, press on the Synchro-Cooking function. To do so, you will have to press on the up and down menu buttons to select the appropriate function. 

The Tiger rice cooker will give you a proper time estimate. Cooking your rice while at the same time cooking your veggies/meat on the top plate.

Tiger rice cookers also feature other settings. Such as Jasmine, Whole-Grain Rice, Mixed, Porridge, SlowCook, and Oatmeal. You can also select any one of these special functions. Or you can also rely on its timer function for slow or quick-cooking.

Based on the type of rice you use, you can select the Plain, Ultra, Quick, and SlowCook functions. 

Once the rice is cooked, the machine automatically switches to Keep Warm function. You’ll know this instantly once the Keep Warm indicator lights up.

Cleaning the rice cooker…

Next up is cleaning and maintaining the rice cooker. Just as how simple it is to use a Tiger rice cooker. It’s just as simple and breezy to clean one.

You don’t need a dishwasher to keep your Tiger rice cooker clean. The Tiger rice cooker manual clearly states what you need to do and how. If you want to prevent any lingering odor or stickiness. You need to keep the rice cooker clean after every use. 

This also prolongs the shelf life of your rice cooker

Before starting the cleaning process, disconnect the plug. If your rice cooker is still warm or hot, let it sit for an hour or so before cleaning. You need the inner pot and lid to completely cool down before cleaning.

This also includes the steam cap, the lid, and the cooking pot. 

You can use a standard cleaning sponge and detergent. Make sure it’s a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse the cooking pot thoroughly. Make sure there is no residue rice on the surface. You can gently scrub the pot with the sponge to clean the surface well. Rinse it again and wipe dry.

Avoid using a hard sponge with plastic or pointy bristles. Make sure the sponge is absorbent so that it doesn’t damage the non-stick coating of the pot. 

You need to wash the cooking pot separately. If you wash them along with other dishes, it could damage the non-sticking coating. After you’ve washed and insert the cooking pot. Do the same if you have a steaming basket and removable lid.

And then a clean cloth and wipe the exterior to get rid of the stickiness. 

You can also wipe the inside and outside of the rice cooker with this cloth. Under the cooking pot lies the heat sensor and heating plate. Make sure no rice grains are stuck to it. You can wipe the bottom with a clean, dry cloth to prevent that from happening.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve used a Tiger rice cooker, it’s hard to look the other way. It’s an easy-to-use, conveniently-priced rice cooker. It has all the right features for quick and effective cooking.

I hope this article guides you through all the essential Tiger rice cooker instructions. Buying a new rice cooker for the first time might seem intimidating. But using it properly can lessen the burden of cooking rice every time. 

Tiger’s Tacook functionality allows you to cook delicious dishes in half the time than stovetop! So why wouldn’t you bring this innovative technology into your home?

Today I will be talking about how to how Aroma rice cooker. Is it worth the hype? And most importantly, is it easy to use?

Cooking white rice on a stovetop can take forever. Especially when you’re cooking brown rice. And there’s no guarantee that it will turn out perfectly soft and fluffy each time. 

It’s a common mistake to cook rice too dry and burnt at the bottom of the pan. Worse still is having to eat soggy rice with too much moisture! It’s time to look for something consistent and effective. Trying out Aroma rice cookers is a smart decision. It’s simple to use, versatile, and fit.

So without much ado, let’s learn how to use the Aroma rice cooker right away.

How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker

You can follow this to cook white or brown rice. The first step is to measure the dry rice you want to cook. Most Aroma rice cookers come with a measuring cup, a spatula, and a removable inner cooking pot. This makes it easier to rinse and handle the rice for easy cooking.

How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker - Complete Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions
How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker - Complete Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions


Most people skip rinsing the rice before cooking. Do not do this.

Let’s say you want to cook one cup of brown rice in the Aroma rice cooker.

Pour one cup of rice in the cooking pan. Make sure you remove the inner cooking pot from the machine. Place it outside on the countertop to rinse the rice immediately. 

Rinse the water a few times to get rid of the starch. You can do this as many times as you want to get rid of the cloudiness from the pot. 

Before placing the inner cooking pot into the cooker, wipe the exterior dry. You don’t want water residue around the pot when you turn the rice cooker on.


Most Aroma rice cookers come with proper water markings. This is based on the number of cups of rice you add to the pot. So for one cup of rice, fill the water up to level marking 1. For two cups, fill it up to level marking 2. And so on.

Close the lid after you’ve added salt to the inner cooking pot.

Start the rice cooker and select the appropriate cooking setting. For brown rice, you can select the multigrain/brown option. Or you can select the quick-cooking button for accelerated cooking.

The display will show you a loading LCD pattern. This means the rice is starting to cook. It takes about 10 minutes for the display to flash a countdown timer. This also depends upon the type of Aroma rice cooker you use.

The countdown timer will tell you how many minutes are left until the cooking is done. Once the rice is cooked through, the rice cooker will automatically keep the rice warm. If you’re using a standard rice cooker, without such automated functions, there should be an audible beep noise instead. 

The keep-warm functionality is superior and very efficient. It ensures smooth performance while also keeping the rice fresh and fluffy. So even if you don’t want to eat the rice right away. It won’t lose moisture or harden with time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use the steamer option in an Aroma rice cooker?

Did you know that you can also cook an entire meal in a rice cooker? This includes rice, chicken/seafood, and vegetables.

This is only possible if you have an Aroma rice cooker with a steamer setting. 

The steamer insert sits on top of the inner cooking pot. Allowing the steam that radiates through and from the cooking rice up to through the holes of the steam basket. If you’ve ever seen a food steamer, you know what I’m talking about. 

Start by cooking the rice (follow the steps above) in the Aroma rice cooker. Once the cooking light is on, wait for the countdown timer to turn on the display. By then, the rice inside the cooking pot has started to boil. So there’ll be plenty of steam already.

Pause the cooking process and gently open the lid. If there’s enough steam in the cooking pot, place the steam insert and add your preferred veggies/meat. 

The Aroma rice cooker instructions manual has the proper steaming time for different kinds of foods. This includes chicken, vegetables, seafood, and other steam-able items. 

The steam vent on top of the lid will release pressure as it progresses. The steam basket is deep enough to add big sized vegetables like broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc.

Is it possible to just steam veggies in a rice cooker?

What nobody tells you is how you can just steam veggies or meat in an Aroma rice cooker. You can measure how many cups of veggies you need. Add that into the steam basket. But before you put the steam stray inside the pot, add 2-3 cups of water into the cooking pot.

Close the lid and select the “steam” option on your Aroma rice cooker. To increase the steaming time, you can select the proper cooking time. Keep pressing the steam button until you reach the optimal steaming time.

The machine starts counting down until the process is complete. Removed the steamed veggies from the steam basket after you hear the beeping noise. 

The Aroma rice cooker manual comes with proper time instructions on different foods. The steaming table lets you know everything about steaming different types of meat and vegetables. 

Do not be alarmed if the countdown timer takes a while to start once you press go. This is because the countdown starts only after the water is boiling. Do not open the lid to check if it’s actually cooking. 

Overall Impression

Aroma rice cookers are easy to use and stay clean. All the parts are dishwasher-friendly unless the Aroma rice cooker manual says otherwise. This includes the cooking pot, steam basket, and spatula. 

If you need more help regarding this, you can also refer to the Aroma rice cooker instructions. Using a rice cooker is so much better than stovetop rice cooking methods. It’s faster, safer, and consistent every time.

Zojirushi is a popular brand for household appliances. Most especially for their rice cookers. You can buy a conventional or computerized rice cooker. Where conventional rice cookers are simple touch-and-go models. Computerized rice cookers use Micom and programmed features for efficient cooking.

Whichever model you choose, here’s how to make the most of the best Zojirushi rice cooker.

How to Use Zojirushi Rice Cooker - The Ultimate Zojirushi Rice Cooker Manual
How to Use Zojirushi Rice Cooker - The Ultimate Zojirushi Rice Cooker Manual

How to Wash Rice?

The first step to cooking any type of rice is washing the rice.

Washing the rice doesn’t take a lot of time. If you do this one or twice, you should be able to get the hang of it. Zojirushi’s conventional and Micom rice cooker cook washed rice beautifully. 

You may not have to soak the rice in water. Using a Micom rice cooker, Zojirushi does that for you. But for both, conventional and Micom rice cookers, you will have to wash the rice. This gets rid of the starchiness of the rice. Too much starch affects the texture and flavor of rice.

To wash rice properly, maintain a pool of water in a separate bowl. You can add the required amount of rice in the inner cooking pan of the Zojirushi. Most Zojirushi models come with a removable inner cooking pot. Making it easier for you to wash the rice in it directly.

How to Use Zojirushi Rice Cooker - The Ultimate Zojirushi Rice Cooker Manual

Initial Rinse

Rinse the rice once by pouring water from the separate bowl into the cooking pan. Use a spatula to stir the rice soaked in water 2-3 times. Drain the rice water using a steam basket or a standard strainer. 

How to Use Zojirushi Rice Cooker
How to Use Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Repeat this set at least 2-3 times. This should take you 10-15 seconds to do. Do not allow the rice grains to soak in the starchy water for a long time. Make sure you finish the initial rinse in less than 10 seconds.


The next step is to wash the rice completely. Make a claw with your right or left hand and stir the rice in a circular motion. About 25-30 circles are enough to remove excess starch from the rice. Quickly drain the water and repeat this process 2-3 times. 

If you have added 4 cups of rice (or less) - wash the rice 2 more times.

If you have added 4 cups or more - wash the rice 3 times. 

By the end of this cycle, you should be able to see the rice grains through the water. If the water is still murky, wash the rice until all the cloudiness is gone.

Final Rinse

Before adding the rice to the rice cooker, rinse the water one last time. Pour plenty of water in the inner cooking pan, stir the rice twice, and drain immediately. 

You have now successfully washed the rice for cooking.

How to Use Zojirushi Rice Cookers?

Cooking the rice

The first step to using a Zojirushi rice cooker is using the measuring cup. Most Zojirushi rice cookers (conventional or Micom) come with a rice measuring cup. Before washing the rice, ensure you take the proper dry rice measurement. 

This also helps in measuring the rice-to-water ration while cooking later on. After you’ve measured the right amount of dry rice, add it to the inner cooking pan. Rinse the rice as mentioned above.

If you have the right Zojirushi rice cooker, you will see the water markings on the inside of the cooking pan. Based on the total number of cups of rice you’ve rinsed, add water. If it’s 3 cups of rice, you need to fill water up to level 3. Match the number of cups to the level number to get the appropriate amount.

Conventional Zojirushi rice cookers require you to soak rice for 30 minutes before cooking. You can soak the rice directly in the inner cooking pan to save counter space. 

Micom Zojirushi rice cookers, however, do this automatically. All you need to do is choose the ideal menu button and a pre-programmed function. And the rice is soaked, boiled, and steamed automatically. If the cooking time is 40 minutes, it’s all a part of the cooking cycle. 

What happens after the rice is completely cooked?

If it’s a conventional rice cooker, allow the rice is steam for an additional 15 minutes. Do not open the lid right after the cooking process is complete. The leftover steam will soften the rice further. 

In a Micom rice cooker, this is done automatically. All you have to do is open the lid and fluff up the rice using a fork or spatula. 

Then, the soft and hot rice is ready to serve.

Keeping the rice warm

Just in case you buy a rice cooker with an automatic keep warm feature. You should know that most Zojirushi models can do this for 12 hours. This automatic keep warm feature is amazing because it keeps the rice both warm and moist for 12 hours. 

A Zojirushi rice cooker can keep the rice warm for 12 hours only. If you keep it for longer, it will spoil the soft texture and freshness of the rice. 

Another important feature in most high-quality Zojirushi rice cookers is this. Extended keep warm feature. This is when you can reduce the keep warm temperature to prolong freshness. However, you can only do this after setting up the clock and timer settings on a rice cooker.

Here is how you can do that.

Clock and timer functionality

Except for some basic conventional Zojirushi rice cookers, most Micom models have this. To set up the clock, power on the rice cooker. There should be the up and down timer button on the control panel. Most likely, they’re right next to each in the middle of the display. 

Press both buttons together until the time display starts to blink. When that happens, select the proper time using the up and down arrow buttons. 

Now you can use the accurate timer functionality of the machine. Always remember that if you set up the clock incorrectly, it will reflect on the timer settings too. 

If you are still unsure about your Zojirushi model, refer to the Zojirushi rice cooker instructions for more information. All rice cookers come with their own personalized Zojirushi rice cooker manual. 

The extended keep warm feature can keep rice warm and fresh for more than 8 hours. By reducing the temperature of the inner cooking pan. In case you want to serve yourself rice during this time. You can switch the setting back to reheat or regular mode. 


Zojirushi works flawlessly to cook rice at home. It’s easy functionality and practical design make it so. 

Compared to other rice cookers, it is also quicker to use. These are Zojirushi rice cookers that ensure proper heat distribution. All thanks to the induction heating technology and secure lid. So learning how to use a basic to advanced Zojirushi model will take only minutes! And you can cook rice perfectly each time.

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