The Best Best Aroma Rice Cooker of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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So many exciting options from a single cookware company. Aroma Housewares is, by far, one of the brands for household rice cookers. Featuring multiple features that simplify cooking rice in ways you thought impossible.

If stovetop cooking does not do the trick for you, buy a rice cooker right away. It’s got everything you need in a rice cooker. A non-stick inner pot, timer functions, and keep-warm feature. Next, you need to decide what kind of rice cooker you want.

Does it have to only cook rice including white and brown rice? Or do you need a steaming plate for cooking veggies and meat? Aroma’s rice cooker models are versatile and convenient to use. They also come with instructions to cook different types of rice recipes easily.

If you want to miss out on the top products of Aroma Rice Cookers, read the next bit carefully.

Best Aroma Professional Rice Cookers 2021

Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker

The first thing people want in a rice cooker is an accurate performance. If it can cook all grains of rice, especially the toughest ones, then it’s a classy choice. This Aroma Professional Rice Cooker is exactly that. It’s famous for brown rice and specialty cooking.

Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker
  • Powerful and consistent steaming capabilities.
  • Simple to use and durable accessories.
  • It cooks 2 to 8 cups of cooked rice.


  • The pot is not completely non-stick.

This is the kind of rice cooker you upgrade to and not upgrade from. It has all the best functions for a rice cooker. Plus, it allows you to steam vegetables and even bake a cake! It cooks up to 8 cups of rice. And yet, it’s not so heavy to handle. 

The steaming plate is its best feature so far. It collects condensation so that the lid doesn’t drip water while the food inside is cooking. There’s a separate steam plate underneath the main cooking pot. Both plates are easy to clean with a removable lid. 

The convenient size and large capacity of this best rice cooker are outstanding. With simple and accurate timer functionality. And let’s not forget the multi-functional cooking features. This Aroma rice cooker is reliable and efficient to use.


Aroma Housewares Pot Style Rice Cooker ARC-743-1NG

Traditional rice cookers came in pots and that’s their authentic style. So the Aroma Professional Rice Cooker has a design exactly like that. A traditional style fused with modern features. 

Aroma Housewares Pot Style Rice Cooker ARC-743-1NG


  • Quick, one-touch cooking.
  • It cooks rice and veggies.
  • High-quality and spacious steam basket.


  • It may spill over. 
  • The rice slightly browns sticking to the surface.

You can easily mess up cooking rice. The rice can come out too mushy. Or half of the pot can taste good while the other half is still hard. Or it could be as simple as the cooking pot getting really messy.

Whatever your reason for buying a new Aroma rice cooker. Let it be known that this best Aroma 6-Cup Rice Cooker is stunning. It looks good and performs even better. The separate steam basket, inner pot, and lid are sturdy and spacious. So you can fit in enough food to get more out of it.

You can cook not only all types of rice in the non-stick pot. But also different vegetables and meat. It’s also ideal for soups, chili, jambalaya, and oatmeal. All-in-all, it’s a versatile and stylish rice cooker. 

Aroma Housewares Commercial Rice Cooker ARC-1033E

If you’re looking for an affordable rice cooker from Aroma, this is it. It mimics the qualities of some of the higher-end models. It’s functional but it may not be just as long-lasting. However, for cooking large batches, this is a great choice.



  • Non-stick cooking pot with digital features.
  • Sturdy, washable, and practical parts.
  • It cooks 30 cups of uncooked rice.


  • Only Cook and Warm cooking modes. 

Go for this less-expensive cooker with a secure lid and direct features. If you cook large batches, you don’t want any of the complicated functions. Simply add rice to the cooker and water. And let the machine do all of the cooking for you.

When this cooker can cook up to 30 cups of rice, it’s amazing. This also means it stores up to 60 cups of cooked rice. So clearly, its capacity and performance value is superior. It works flawlessly to give you perfect grains of cooked rice. 

Though in my research, this cooker made white rice perfectly. It comes with a rice paddle for easy serving. The round inner pot radiates heat all around. So that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom. The buttons on the exterior are organized. 

You simply have to press the correct button. The stainless steel lid is easy to clean. And the aluminum pot is temperature-sensitive. This means that as soon as the rice is cooked. The machine automatically shuts off cooking and keeps the rice warm.

Aroma Housewares ARC-5200SB Rice Slow Cooker

This Aroma Digital Rice Cooker is the best-automated choice. It can coop 10 cups of uncooked or 20 cups of cooked rice. It works flawlessly to cook rice and other recipes. Perfect for cooking an entire meal at one go. So it slow-cooks but it does it so beautifully! 

Aroma Housewares ARC-5200SB Rice Slow Cooker


  • 15 quick pre-programmed functions.
  • Large capacity with durable inner pot.
  • Slow cooker and food steamer.


  • None so far.

Have you ever cooked risotto at home? If you have, you know that it’s not the easiest recipe to cook. Even though it might look quick and simple. Thanks to this slow cooker, you can tick all of the boxes. 

Finally, the automated controls of the cooker are suitable for complicated recipes. Such as mixed rice recipes, dirty rice, oatmeal, and creamy risotto. You don’t have to manually set the temperature for anything. It has different cooking modes already pre-programmed.

Such as risotto, egg, cake, soup, oatmeal, multi-grain, steam, etc. Only you have to select the right quantity of your servings. And this slow rice cooker figures out the rest. 

It has a keep warm, saute, reheat, and delay timer as well. So clearly it covers literally everything when it comes to cooking rice. You won’t realize you needed such intricate features until you buy this Aroma Professional Rice Cooker.  

Aroma Housewares NutriWare 14-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

The “NutriWave” stands for all the things you hate about cheap cookware. So this Aroma Digital Rice Cooker is only made from eco-friendly parts. Such as the stainless steel inner pot and steaming tray. Even the glass lid is not plastic including the spatula or the spatula holder.


  • Non-stick stainless steel cooking pot.
  • Neat and organized cooking features.
  • No leftover stains after cooking.


  • It does spill/spew water while steaming.

This cooker from Aroma Housewares is very popular. Expectedly so because it’s made of earth-conscious and easy-to-clean parts. It cooks delicious and nutritious rice. Using excellent steam technology, it’s fast and accurate every time.

You simply have to select white or brown rice. Then keep the rice in for as long as you want. Even after cooking it, this rice cooker keeps the rice warm. The stainless steel cooking pot distributes heat evenly. 

Meanwhile, the tray, which is also made of stainless steel, keeps the steam active. So there’s less condensation and more softening of the rice. Be it brown, rice, or mixed. It looks great on any kitchen counter, big or small. Overall, it’s a reliable and valuable rice cooker for the price. 

Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker

This is also a best-selling rice cooker coming out of Aroma Housewares. It makes fluffy and soft rice every time. It’s accurate, modern, and quick to use. If you’re not yet ready to buy a multi-functional rice cooker. Especially since you see no use for it. This is a great alternative.


  • Automatic keep-warm feature.
  • Suitable capacity and strong inner pot.
  • It makes 14 cups of rice quickly.


  • No pre-programmed setting.

If you want to make rice and nothing else, there’s nothing as good as this. It takes away all the manual work of cooking rice for yourself or a batch. It has the correct features including a keep-warm functionality. So it’s not that entry-level either.

The concern is to not burn the rice so that it sticks to the bottom of the pan. Thanks to this smart and efficient rice cooker, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. While this rice cooker lacks the special features of versatile cooking. It’s foolproof and high-quality. 

You’ll be amazed by how accurate and consistent the performance is. The one-touch operation and high-quality parts make up for everything! So the device’s primary function is to cook all kinds of rice. And that’s exactly why you should buy it! 

Important Features to Consider

The best way to understand Aroma Rice Cookers is by their top features. Only then will you be able to understand what works for you. There’s not just one kind best Aroma Professional Rice Cooker. You can buy based on capacity, features, and style. 

Whether that’s upgrading to a multi-functional rice cooker. Or buying something faster and with pre-programmed functions. The choice is all yours.

Cooking Capacity

This is the first thing most people see in a rice cooker. How many cups of uncooked and cooked rice does a rice cooker offer? 

For standard users, this is anywhere between 2 to 8 cups of cooked rice. For more large-scale users, it can go up to 20 cups or higher of uncooked rice. This should take away from the fact that even a small-sized rice cooker is versatile.

Say for example you buy an 8-cup rice cooker. This means you can cook 8 cups of white rice. And 4-6 cups of brown rice. This is because brown rice is relatively thicker than white rice. 

This tips the scale a bit when you want to cook large batches of brown rice. So to cook say 8 cups of brown rice, you need a rice cooker with a 15-cup (or higher) rice cooker.

Steaming Technology

One of the things that make Aroma Housewares so popular is its steaming technology. It’s superior to most other traditional and modern models. You can cook rice while also steaming veggies and chicken or fish. 

This is done with the help of a stainless steel steaming tray. The steam that the water produces while cooking rice is purposed to steam the food. It’s like using a stovetop steamer but in a rice cooker! 

The steaming technology is fast, reliable, and effective. It’s like cooking a whole meal in your own rice cooker. Nutritious, wholesome, and delicious! 

Sensor Technology

This is present in all the best Aroma Rice Cookers. The ability to regulate the proper temperature of the inner pot based on the type of rice you add in it. Since brown rice is a thicker grain, it needs more heat to soften. This is not always true for white rice unless it’s sticky rice.

The built-in sensor of the rice cooker detects when the rice is done. If the machine has a keep-warm function, it automatically does so. This is an energy-efficient option in a rice cooker. And it’s also convenient because you don’t have to keep checking on the rice. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a non-stick rice cooker is a smart choice. It’s a foolproof way to cook fluffy, even rice at home. And the top pick, so far, is the Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker.

Even though cooking rice is no easy feat. This best rice grain cooker, from Aroma Housewares, makes it easier. It’s a multi-tasker for a cook who is a multi-tasker. So while you tend to other meals in the kitchen, rice is not left behind to burn! 


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